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20 Minute Prenatal Arm Workout No Weights

With all the changes your body is going through during pregnancy which you have no control over, working out is an amazing way to stay connected to your body. (and so the changes don’t spread too much!)

Set aside 20 minutes for  a good prenatal arm workout. Having Strong arms is good for you and your munchkin. 

Of course, being active will not be sufficient if your diet isn’t healthy. You want to stay away from industrial processed food and get closer to fresh fruits and veggies. 

If your diet is healthy, exercising will build on top of that and it will help you feel better physically (less pregnancy related pain like back pain) and mentally (working out will make you feel mentally stronger and happier).

A good exercise routine will prevent you from gaining excessive weight and will also prevent your baby to become too heavy, making delivery more difficult. 

What's the best way to workout  arms while pregnant?

In this article, I will guide you through a workout routine targeting your arms but also mobilizing your core. All the exercises are done without equipment so you can easily do it in the comfort of your home. 

It is composed of 2 sets of 6 exercises with arms stretches at the end. Feel free to increase or decrease the number of repetitions or the time of each exercise depending on your level and how you are feeling. Rest when you need to and listen to your body. Also make sure you drink enough fluids during and after the workout to prevent dehydration. Here again, listen to your body and the sensation of thirst. 

Prenatal Arm Workout No Weights Infographic

prenatal arm workout no weight infographic

Arms Circles and Pulses

Start standing up, feet hip-width apart and the back straight. Extend your arms by your side and start moving them in small circles. 30 seconds in one direction and 30 seconds in the other. Then start making a pulsing motion thumbs up for 30 seconds and thumbs down for 30 seconds.

This will warm up your arms and target your deltoids.

Arm Circles and Pulses

Four Limbed Staff Pose - Chaturanga Dandasana

Start in a plank position or a plank position with your knees down. Keep your body in line, hips leveled with the rest of the body and core engaged. Do a set of 10 push-ups. If you place your hands close to your body.

This will workout the triceps. If the hands are placed wider, it will workout the pectorals.

Four Limbed Staff Pose Modification - Chaturanga Dandasana

Plank Pose Utthita - Chaturanga Dandasana

Place your body in a high plank position. If your wrists are painful place your forearms on the floor. Hold the position between 30 seconds and one minute, breathing deeply and keeping the hips leveled.

This will workout your all arms muscles!

Plank Pose - Utthita Chaturanga Dandasana

Dolphin Plank Pose - Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana

Do a plank position with your forearms on the floor. Let your body tilt forward and backward to build strength in your shoulders. Hold the position between 30 seconds and one minute moving back and forth, breathing deeply and keeping the hips leveled.

Dolphin Plank - Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana

Side Plank Pose Variation - Vasisthasana on forearms

From the forearm plank position, let both feet fall to their right side, maybe stacking them one on top of the other or keeping them separate if it helps your balance. Raise your left arm in the air. Opening your chest to the side and raising your hips high.

Stay for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Side Plank Pose Var - Vasisthasana

Downward Facing Dog Pose - Adho Mukha Svanasana

From a table top position, tuck your toes and raise your hips up and back into a downward facing dog. Extend your legs and firmly press the hands on the floor, opening your chest and your shoulders. Breathe deeply in this posture for 5 to 10 breaths.

After this exercise, start over from the top to perform the second set, taking the time you need to rest. When it’s done move on to the arm stretches.

Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Arms Stretches

Taking a comfortable seated position, stretch your right arm across your chest and hook it with your left elbow, pulling your arm close to your body. Then raise your right arm up and bend your elbow to rest your right hand on the back of your neck or between your shoulder blades.

With your left hand, gently pull your right elbow towards the left. Take a couple of slow deep breaths in each position and then change side.

Arm Stretches

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It is better to do short workouts often than one big workout once in a while. The body thrives with routine. Write down for yourself objectives in terms of number of workouts and times for the week. The key to create a successful routine is to keep it realistic. As you get used to working out and feel stronger, maybe increase the frequency or duration of your sessions. Here again, listen to your body.

Someday you will feel better than others, sometimes you will be more tired, sometimes you will have more energy. Adapt the intensity and length according to that but try to show up nonetheless. This is how you create the habit. 

For extra motivation and support, find a partner! It’s always more fun to work out with someone else!



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