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pelvic floor muscle exercises

Pelvic Floor Muscle Yoga Exercises

Training your pelvic floor muscles is as necessary as training any other muscle. In this video we will go through five different exercises on how to train your pelvic muscles. A lot of people are not familiar with how it works so I’ll break it down for you so that even if it would be […]

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how to improve flexibility fast AV_SL103-4

How To Improve Flexibility Fast

Join me on this short but effective flow to improve your flexibility fast! This is a sequence designed for all level practitioners. Increase your blood flow, stretch your muscles and gain clarity!

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exercises for strength and flexibility

7 Challenging Exercises for Strength & Flexibility

This article will introduce you to seven different asanas to improve your flexibility and strength, we will be moving through a short but challenging flow using ocean breath helping us to keep warm and to get deeper into our practice. You will be feeling calm but very energized with gained clarity after completing the flow.

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yoga for flexibility and strength

8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Flexibility & Strength

As is the story for most people, my yoga journey began with hopes of having a more flexible and bendy body. I had images of these intricate poses such as Birds of Paradise and Forearm Stand dancing in my mind and had no idea of the kind of strength these poses required. As my yoga journey progressed I let go of attachments

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yoga warm up exercises before workout

6 Yoga Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

I personally love deep backbends and explosive workouts. Both of these two require a proper warm up before getting started. A painful lesson I learned after straining muscles leaving my back injured for several days. Warming up before a workout is like meditating in the morning.

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