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Charlie is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Yin Yoga instructor and meditation teacher, with a psychology and counselling degree in her back pocket.She is currently on a mission, chasing sun, fruit and conscious expansion across the globe and there is nothing she loves more than sitting on floor, eyes closed, guiding people into the beauty of the present moment.

If you ever get a chance to take one of her yoga of meditation classes, chances are that you will hear her quote one of the greats like Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti or Ramana Maharshi, who’s wisdom she tries to embody everyday, by simply allowing everything to be, just as it is.

“Notice the peace and stillness we are trying to attain. All you have to do is stop trying to attain it.”

Adya Shanti

7 types of pranayama

Types of Pranayama & 7 Different Benefits

 It was a few years of practicing yoga before I stumbled across one of it’s biggest benefits of Yoga,  Pranayama.   I was introduced to 7 different types of Pranayama. My internal world changed. I was able to use these techniques to drop out of my head and connect me to a peace that lies behind

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yoga for tension headaches

Restorative Yoga For Tension Headaches

I was due to set off on my first backpacking adventure when I started experiencing daily tension headaches. I wasn’t practicing yoga at the time. I was oblivious to how my anxiety and nerves about this trip were manifesting in the body.   I continued to band aid the pain with pills. This did provide

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yoga for kidney and liver

Yoga For Kidney And Liver 9 Strengthening Poses

This article will introduce you to yoga for kidney and liver to support healthy kidney and liver functioning. Both of which are vital to digestive health and overall vitality!   The liver has an unbelievably tremendous job and often if you’re suffering from high blood pressure or weight issues it’s worth checking the liver out.

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yoga for blocked nose

Yoga For Blocked Nose

A blocked nose is one symptom of seasonal allergies, but usually it goes hand in hand with itchy eyes, sneezing attacks and shortness of breath. When it’s hard to breathe, it makes it hard to do a lot of things; It makes it hard to sleep, hard to meditate, it even makes it hard to

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yoga for dry cough

8 Really Good Yoga Poses for Dry Cough

  I have always made grand claims of being the BEST at being sick! What a claim to make, good for you Charlie… But I really do feel as though whenever a cold comes knocking at my door, I have turned it around and sent it on its way before it even got a proper

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is yoga evil or demonic

Is Yoga Evil or Demonic

  For most people, yoga is either a means of moving the body or reducing stress. Likely it is both! For others it is a means of opening the body so it is able to sit effortlessly in meditation. To sit the body down, and then abandon it entirely, was the goal of the original

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yoga for cough and phlegm

9 Yoga Poses for Cough and Phlegm

  When winter time would hit and it would start to get a little cooler in the mornings, my 6am yoga class would start to lose some of its appeal. Not because of the cold on my skin, but because of the effect that the cold would have on my respiratory system and sinuses.  

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yoga for reflux acidity

Nine Yoga Poses for Reflux Acidity

This article is going to set you up with the tools needed to combat against digestive disturbances like reflux acidity and indigestion so that you have an alternative to over the counter drugs and a means of keeping stress and discomfort at bay. 

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yoga for flexibility and strength

8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Flexibility & Strength

As is the story for most people, my yoga journey began with hopes of having a more flexible and bendy body. I had images of these intricate poses such as Birds of Paradise and Forearm Stand dancing in my mind and had no idea of the kind of strength these poses required. As my yoga journey progressed I let go of attachments

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yoga poses for bloating relief

7 Awesome Yoga Poses For Bloating Relief

This article is to introduce you to a number of poses that you are going to be able to use to counter against bloating. Whether it’s your classic food baby bloat, or the more severe nine month pregnant distension, bloating is uncomfortable and it can leave you feeling heavy, lethargic and self conscious.

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yoga for gerd_

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Gerd (Acid Reflux)

We are currently suffering from an epidemic of digestive disorders. It is no surprise when you see how far we have come from nature. I’m talking about our food choices, the toxins we are exposed to, and just the high levels of stress we consider a ‘normal’ part of life.

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best ever exercise for gastric problem

The Best Ever Exercises for Gastric Problems

I think I can confidently put my hand up as the poster girl for Gastric problems! This is not a comfortable thing to admit. There’s nothing cute about a bloated belly or excess gas in the body. It was six years ago when all of my gastric problems came knocking. They sent me off on a rollercoaster

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10 Minute Morning yoga

The Ultimate 10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

When I first started out on my yoga journey, I would only ever roll out my mat to practice if I knew I had an uninterrupted hour or so on my hands. This often meant that it wouldn’t happen every day; and it was even less likely to happen in the morning when time was limited. I always had the best intentions though.

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yoga poses for indigestion and acidity

The Ultimate Yoga Poses For Indigestion

Most of us are familiar with some degree of digestive drama and indigestion – whether that be in the form of bloating, constipation, excess gas or heartburn.

Over indulging and high stress are both common triggers. Both of these can be hard to avoid at times. Sometimes we just have to eat enough vegan pizza

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how to start yoga by yourself v3

How To Start Yoga By Yourself (At Home Beginners Guide)

I remember when I was a beginner and first started out on my yoga journey,”by myself” and this was before it began to dominate the online realm. I had heard great things, but had no clue what I was doing. I would spend an embarrassing few minutes trying and failing to get into the splits, feel defeated and call it quits

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