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Chair yoga for pregnancy

Chair Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. From a practice reserved to indian gurus and illuminated hippies, yoga has taken on our modern society, and for the better! You can now find a yoga studio in every city and online practice has been blooming.  There is a yoga class for every taste. […]

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10 yoga poses modified for pregnancy

10 Yoga Poses Modified For Pregnancy

Women’s bodies are a truly incredible example of the amazing transformative power of life. Think about how it changes during pregnancy thanks to the symphony of hormones and tissues’ adaptabilities.  The joints become softer, the breasts get bigger, the hair gets thicker, the blood volume increases up to 50%, a new organ is created, the […]

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10 minute prenatal stretch

10 Minute Prenatal Yoga Stretch

Fatigue is a common complaint among pregnant women. Our bodies are the siege of intense transformations and require more energy than usual to function, and our lifestyle is only aggravating our feeling of tiredness.  This study shows that in the last 60 years, more and more pregnant women have been working and that they also […]

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pregnancy stretches first trimester

10 Gentle Pregnancy Stretches First Trimester

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a crazy ride! First there is the initial weeks of emotional roller coaster, waiting for your period to arrive or not. You then peed on a stick and/or did a blood test and the results are here… There’s a little baby on its way! Time to wrap your head […]

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First trimester pregnancy exercise

Top 5 First Trimester Pregnancy Exercises (workout routine)

More and more studies are conducted about pregnancy and physical exercise. And with no surprise, all results show that a regular moderate practice throughout the pregnancy is beneficial for both mummy and baby. An adapted physical exercise routine decreases the risk of excessive weight gain, c-section, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, back pain and urinary incontinence among […]

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Nadi Shodhana for Pregnancy Nose

Nadi Shodhana for Pregnancy Nose

Are you experiencing a runny nose or stuffy nose while being pregnant but without any other symptoms of a cold or an allergy?  You might be suffering from the infamous pregnancy rhinitis. The first trimester has the morning sickness, the second and third pregnancy rhinitis. This affects about 20% of pregnant women and can last […]

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