yoga ball pregnancy exercises

Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises

Yoga Birth ball is the little loving name we give to exercise balls when they are used during pregnancy and labour. You know, those big rubber balls filled with air that you can bounce on and use to do exercise in a fun way! 

When you are expecting, buying a yoga ball (or borrowing one) is a smart thing to consider as this fun object will also prove itself to be of great help when the time of birth arrives.

There are plenty of exercises that can be done with it to work on your hips’ mobility and flexibility and you can also use it in your everyday life to replace a chair in many situation, like for example if you are working on the computer, watching a movie or even at the table when you eat.

Sitting on the ball with your legs apart and feet open is an amazing way to work on your core muscles, improve your posture and gently open your hips. After a few times using it, you will naturally hold yourself straighter and your pelvis will be more stable thanks to the support of the ball. This can help relieve or prevent back pain which is common discomfort in pregnancy.

How does a yoga ball help pregnancy?

The sooner you start using a yoga ball during your pregnancy the better, but it is never too late. When the labour starts, using one can be a very useful tool to support you during all the phases of birth, lessening the pain of the contractions and shortening the length of the first stage.

With a birth ball, you can help your baby turn around if he is not head first during the last weeks of pregnancy. You can help your cervix to open or the head of your baby to engage down the birth canal by making circles with your hips on the ball.

You can lean on it during the pushing phase, this will help support your upper body while freeing your hips, giving you more space to move and find the right posture to help your baby out. 

 I will present to you a few fun ways to use it safely during your pregnancy.

Ready, set, lets bounce!

Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises Infographic

Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises infographic

Seated Pelvic Rocks

Sitting on the ball, legs apart and feet flat on the floor, let your hips rock gently from side to side. Your spine should naturally be straight.

Find your rhythm and rock on for as long as you wish.

Seated Pelvic Rocks on yoga Ball

Yoga Ball Seated Pelvic Circles

Still sitting in the same position, start making circles with your hips. Draw small circles in the beginning and let them grow wider and wider. Move in both directions and let your body guide you.

This should feel good and relaxing.

seated pelvic circles on yoga Ball

Lean Over Rocks On Ball

Kneel in front of your ball and rest your upper chest completely on it, resting your head too. From this relaxing posture, let your hips rock from side to side, finding their own rhythm and shake away any tension.

Lean Over Rocks on Ball

Hip Raises

Start by sitting on the ball and gently start to walk your feet away until the ball has rolled below your shoulders and your hips are hanging. Go slowly to control the motion. From here do some hip raises, pushing your hips up as high as you can and letting them sink back down.

Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor to maintain your stability. You can do little sets of 10 or 20 hip thrusts.

Hip Raises on Ball

Yoga Ball Birthing Bounce

Play your favorite music and start bouncing and dancing on your ball. Free movements, just enjoy and have fun!! For your safety, keep your feet on the floor to avoid falling down!

Bounces on yoga ball

Featured Video: 5 Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises (Birth Ball)


I hope this article sparked yoga ball fever in you! It is fun, it is useful and it will bring you so many benefits! The best part is you can include it in your everyday life without much effort, just by switching your regular chair for your new bouncy best friend.

Birth balls are available in all colors, different materials and different sizes.

  • Choose one that allows your hips to be higher than your knees when you sit.
  • Choose one that has a decent grip to avoid flying off!

Then you are ready set to bounce through your pregnancy and labour!



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